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Membership Rules

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The rules are simple.

1: Be yourself.
We at WCC don't hold restrictions on language use or expression. We all know the words and have heard them before so why be afraid of them? What's the difference between the word willy and cock, or poo and shit? It's just a word.

2: No personal attacks.
You have a right to criticise people's comments, but DO NOT attack them personally. You can say, "that was a lame comment about how the police are really nice people", but not say, "you're a dickhead and a pig loving wanker". Criticise the statement, not the person.

3: No racism.
There's nothing wrong with Irish jokes or lighthearted references but DO NOT refer to races with vicious intent. We can laugh at ourselves with jovial banter but if you call an Asian a gook or a German a Nazi, you're out.

4: No dickheads.
While WCC encourages your right to free use of your vehicle, we however discourage unsocial behaviour at meet points where unwanted attention can cause issues with other members. People abusing others or dropping burnouts at meet points will be banned. We are a cruise club, not a street racing fraternity.

5: Adult Themes.
This site may at times contain material not suitable for viewers under 15 years of age. This is merely due to tha fact that most our members and guests are of Legal driving age and are free to express their opinions which may include unsuitable language or images for younger generations.

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